Why Do People Drive Halfway Across The Country To A Rural Pennsylvania Town And Spend Up To 3 Hours In A Waiting Room To See A Doctor That Nobody’s Heard Of?

His office rarely opens before noon…
You won’t ever catch him wearing a tie…
His consultation fees have been known to make even highly paid athletes and corporate execs skip a heart beat…
He only sees patients by referral, and those referrals come from some of the biggest names in medicine…
He’s the first entry under “doctor” in many little black books…

“Who The Heck Is He?”

His name is Dr. Jeffrey Marrongelle.  He’s the founder and director of the BioEnergiMed Metabolic Institute in Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania.

There are few people in the world that can rival his skills as a diagnostician and healer.

For more than 20 years Dr. Marrongelle has studied, taught, and practiced the art of healing, with extraordinary results.

During a typical day in his office, you might overhear stories of patients that were diagnosed “terminal” then discovered Dr. Marrongelle and are still alive today.  You may hear about a mystery illness being discovered and treated, or clients finally finding relief from a condition that controlled their life for years…

Where other doctors give up, he thrives.

He is one of the world’s leading experts in…

•    Heart Rate Variability
•    Biofeedback Electro-Stimulation Technology (B.E.S.T)
•    Body Mechanics and Energetic Restructuring

•    Athletic Assessment and Improvement

He has also personally developed and clinically tested dozens of custom formulated nutritional supplements.  None are released or used in his practice until they meet his rigid standard and he can confidently call them the best.

His Secret Is Perspective…

If you walk into your kitchen one night and see a mouse scurrying under your refrigerator, what do you do?

You obviously have a rodent problem that you need to take care of.  So you set a mouse trap.
But have you really taken care of the problem?  Sure, that mouse is gone, but chances are there’s a hole somewhere around the edges of your house that’s allowing the rodents in.
You can catch one mouse with a quick fix, but if you don’t fix the hole you’re going to see dozens more come back.

The same is true for your body.  If you discover a symptom one day, you may go to the doctor’s office and get a prescription to cover that symptom.  But how did you get it in the first place?  There’s a “gap” somewhere in your body that’s allowing these problems to enter.

Dr. Marrongelle intense study of human physiology and his knack for healing allows him to find those gaps.   His unique knowledge and highly specialized equipment give him the perspective to see both how to resolve symptoms and what’s causing them.

Now, the human body is obviously very different than a house.  Houses don’t come with built in mechanisms to fix their own problems.  People do.

Instead of plugging the holes with prescription and other chemical short-cuts, he uses his advanced grasp of Biophysics applications for healing to help the body focus on its areas of distress and heal itself…

“So… He Does What?”

Simply put, he discovers and treats the root of health problems using the latest in technology.  For example…

•    Heart Rate Variability (HRV)- Measures the heart rates control on the nervous system.  When your nervous system is out of sync, your body loses the ability to efficiently heal itself.  Using HRV, he is able to almost immediately discover which way your nervous system is leaning and whether his treatment is correcting the problem.
•    Electro-Interstitial Fluid Scan (EIS)- By sending a harmless current through the interstitial fluid, he can get a “snap-shot” of your organs and find areas that may not be functioning properly.

Once the problems have been discovered, he uses his custom formulated nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies, or one or more of his energy technologies to correct the problem on a cellular level.

Learn From The Best

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•    What kind of pollution is really the biggest threat to your health (a pollutant so closely tied to big industries that the government will never tell you about it)
•    How to get more energy and endurance
•    What kinds of foods you should eat and what kind of foods are slowly poisoning you and your family

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